What’s My Line

The last time I was a stick figure
things didn't go well –
I took a hard line.
Toed the line.
Never crossed the line.

And then some kid folded us all up
into a paper airplane
which was sort of great at first,
until he made us into a toy boat
and floated us in the gutter.

Don’t tell me
there is a silver line(ing).
just throw me
a life-

Miz Quickly


  1. That’s the trouble with being so easily handled by others

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    1. Shawna says:

      still loving your work

      “Stick figure” implies youth, childhood … the “some kid,” a pseudo friend at first, but then someone who ended up leading you all down the wrong path. You were a good boy; he made you naughty.

      “Silver line and throw me” make you a fish. You don’t want to be caught and killed; you want to be given a new chance at life, knowing you’ve been spared. It gives one a humble, grateful heart—like being sick, then getting better.

      I also see the comedy show in the title and Silver Linings Playbook toward the end, both of which I love.

      The hanging “line” at the end could refer to literature and philosophy—I, for one, am always looking for wisdom and mantras, new attitudes to take on. But also, in romance or friendship, you just want a “line” that gives life, air, hope, and truth. Then linking it back to the title, maybe you’re having a conversation with the mirror, encouraging yourself to be encouraging—more, and better, than the airplane guy. In fact, the airplane guy could have been a part of yourself you don’t want representing you. Now I’m imagining internal personalities, vying for time at the podium.

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      1. qbit says:

        You get maximum points for close reading!! I learned a ton about the poem from all that! Wow!


  2. Jules says:

    We all need some life lines…
    After Shawna’s comment… there isn’t much left to say, but well done.

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