Deep in the earth – 
your finger a carrot – 

you want to claw back 
from the rooting, 

from your soul 
plugging dikes in this world 

with only your body to give – 
hands, arms, chest 

to no avail 
in the endless sea of 

too many cars on River Road 
early in the morning, 

the trees up the hill dumpy 
and dead brown, 

your neighbor Noah's twin pugs 
flooding the sidewalk, 

only rainbow stickers 
in a window high above – 

and this: the terrible sound 
of worms at work in the dirt, 

gravity's grim smile 
as it wins at boules 

against the sun and the moon 
and puts its arm around you 

in victory. Will your bones 
rise up 

a stick man, a scarecrow, 
a warning to scavengers? 

Or will they tunnel 
ever down, 

ribs sharpened and honed 
against stone 

dueling with tree roots, your toes
playing footsie with weeds.

Miz Quickly


  1. Shawna says:

    I love this to pieces. Abstract is the best.

    The title does a fantastic job planting ideas — either or both of these: 1) being re-bound, tied up again, literally or figuratively, and 2) starting a new relationship quickly after another one ended.

    I love how this has me imagining a person buried alive, or just being aware, under-earth, though dead — again, literally or figuratively.

    The creepy abduction vibe reminds me of the type of novel I most often read. Getting away or not, learning to rise above or not. Psychological horror.

    At first, I imagined an abducted girl being buried with her memories, but then I felt like maybe (surprise) she got the jump on her captor and ended up putting him underground, or pulling him down with her. All kinds of possibilities here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shawna says:

    I had especially strong responses to “playing footsie with weeds,” “rainbow stickers,” and this gorgeous part:
    “with only your body to give –
    hands, arms, chest”
    Sort of half out, half in, maybe. Paralyzed in some way. And why not the head? So much to ponder. I love abstract art. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. qbit says:

      You are so welcome; you give everything such an amazing read! I liked the rainbow stickers too, glad that worked for you. The footsie line I literally stumbled upon (LOL!) after I had already posted the poem, and then revised the ending 4-5 times before you saw it. “Footsie” seemed to bring back a slight sense of humor and playfulness. I’m glad you didn’t read the much crappier, earlier ending.


      1. Shawna says:

        Oh my gosh, now read this as if it’s about medical rebound — acid reflux. Vomiting. Maybe even bulimia. It works!!!

        In that scenario, the rainbow stickers are on the bathroom window, catching the eye peripherally while the person is puking.

        And of course, eating disorders can kill you, so the ending works too.

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        1. qbit says:

          Holy cow you are right!!


  3. Jules says:

    Zombie alert? Perhaps that’s why some folks choose cremation?

    Mud’s OK but give me sand for my toes 🙂

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